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Love is a fruit in season at all times and within reach of every hand.

It is the greatest gift anyone can give.

To the Glory of the Sublime Architect of the Worlds


     The Egyptian Rites, in the opinion of all constitute a world apart within Freemasonry.


We must understand the adjective ” Egyptian ” not as the origin of the wisdom in the land of Egypt alone, but as a concept of a traditional affiliation,

coming from a land that has marked the history of men.

It is the underground continuation of Mediterranean and Western wisdom through channels which have existed since the earliest times,

dating back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance through

an uninterrupted chain of societies being linked through secrets

Many legends have circulated and still circulate on the origin of this branch of Masonry,

and it is still difficult today to distinguish the reality from myths.

However, we can say without fear that these Rites have gathered and are still gathering seekers

that are bound to the same attraction to the Symbolism, Esotericism

and Hermeticism, revisited in our contemporary age ...

Alongside what we learn through the most advanced sciences on the origin of the Universe,

 the nature of Matter and Consciousness.  

     From where and what did we originate ?

 Where are we right now and what is our purpose?

We can only move beyond into further and higher rates of vibration and spiritual progression

by ever transcending and harmonizing the pairs of opposites.

In the Noetic Rite we have all the tools at our disposal to achieve this .

Today the Egyptian Rites, drawing on the legacy inherited from the Temples of Memphis, invite everyone to move from Rational Knowledge to ‘Knowing’. It is therefore first of all an approach

toward a living integration of the Symbolic, and no longer just intellectual or moral, it is a new ethics,

a renewed vision of the world to which we are its invited members.

Freemasonry today is sometimes hesitant to join the historical current of the world and it runs up against the limits of its immense desire for progress. Despite her innumerable achievements, she can only see, on equal terms, the full weight of ignorance, poverty, tyranny, lies, war, and egoism, spread universally.

The temple of Mankind and Humanity must be raised, and rebuilt. It is in honor of this huge project that the Egyptian Rites, in their specificities convey to men and women of good will and desire, those who can not be satisfied with words and for whom enlightened acts constitute a real contribution to the good of all Humanity, but also the Egyptian Rites especially wish to remain an initiatory School.


Since the origin of man, it seems that some, more informed or aware of their responsibilities,

have chosen to transmit, with the help of concepts at their disposal and taking into account

their environments and their habitats,

the memory that people constituting this human group placed into tribes, peoples, countries,

of their origins and why they exist on this Earth in the form of images or symbols.

Either they held the memory of what really happened at the origin of the world,

whether they were able to question by means that we lost long ago.

Whoever was at this origin, and beyond it, held the knowledge of the conditions and reasons

for this creation, and knew also the purpose that was assigned to this exceptional creature

that is the Human being.

But what is an Ιnitiatory school?

The U.K branch of our Rite of Mizraim & Memphis under the Auspices of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Initiatic Traditions of Old Egypt is opening it's doors to enquiries for initiation. Those who are interested in our rite who wish to undergo a genuine Initiatic experience are welcome to enquire here. Please send your application form to be considered for entry into our Order All is done in strict confidentiality



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