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Freemasonry is not a religion

The Masonic commitment is an expression of the search for personal harmony and balance ,to be realized first of all through that of the Lodge to which one is affiliated.




An application for entry into

the Masonic Order is a signal of a search and  a commitment.

This desire to go beyond oneself leads the Profane to another vision of his duties, first of all toward the concept of the Universe, then toward Humanity, and finally, towards himself.


   This birth into a new existence involves a full questioning of being

   This is the Key to Initiation

This consciousness is acquired gradually, through the practice of Rituals,

but also through a curriculum of works.

The symbolic studies in particular, make it possible to define the place occupied by Man among the other kingdoms.

Ie: the mineral, the vegetable and the animal,
to find the justification for the human in the light of the Universe, that is to say by definition of the word,

that which goes toward ( VERS = toward ) the Unity or singularity ( UNI ) = ‘UNI-VERS’.

Moreover, it is established that Freemasonry has made a great contribution to Humanity,

it should be recalled here that, as a victim of intolerance, it has paid a heavy price for its contribution.

The Lodge is symbolically a closed and sacred place.

It is in this place, in this Workshop which is established  between the Sisters and Brothers

and the rituals that are experienced amongst them

that we find the special bonds and the privileged relationships

of Liberty , Equality and Fraternity 

Masonic discipline is based on a Tradition, it involves an experience of the human and the sacred,

it constitutes a liberating authority.

The initiatory corpus conferred by the Order is divided into three series,

which is comprised from :

  • Symbolic Masonry, common to all Rites, structured in three Degrees, which are degrees of formation, of discovery.

  • The Philosophical Temple, the gateway to a new dimension of understanding, which allows for a refined personal quest, free from all dogma.

  • Finally, our specificity, the Conservatory, which conducts a study of the different Traditions of Humanity and to discover the four Ultimate Degrees of our Rite : the Arcana Arcanorum.


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