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What is Masonry

We do not dispense Truth, we seek it unceasingly. This is defined, justified by what our Ultimate Degrees contain, but it is also proposed from the first Degree, from the first moments of presence in our Temple, and it is even proposed to the laymen who come to knock on it's door.

This is what makes our specificity, our personality in a masonic world that today seeks and wants to find a dimension outside of that which is ultimately reductive enough to wish only for for self improvement, even if it is ambitious and in fact rarely achieved.

But then what should be Masonry?

Especially not a substitute for a religion or a political party! what should link the Masons together is a common search, a use of all the perceptive, intuitive and intellectual means in order to try to pierce the enigma of the visible and invisible world, it is an effort to understand the deep nature of the human role in the cosmic order, so that this role can better be fulfilled both collectively and individually. The Mason would thus participate actively in the work of intellectual creation. He would accelerate his own evolution. This link of a common discovery which should

unite Masons more like the one that science creates between the scientists of the modern world than the somewhat artificial divisions of hereditary beliefs that divide religions

The opposite of knowledge is belief. We believe in what we do not know. Worse, as St. Augustine said, Credo quia absurdum (I believe because it's absurd , or Impossible). Dogma, by its very nature, is an affirmation of ignorance. The goal of man is to know, to arrive by all the means at his disposal, even if it is the most intuitive, to sense and then to realise the nature of the world and its transcendent aspects, without ever creating a barrier of an overly precise definition of a dogma that closes the door to a deeper perception or a more abstract concept. Any definition of the sensible world of the cosmos or the supernatural necessarily takes the form of a hypothesis, valid only to a certain extent.

The texts that hide the answers, or rather the response approaches to use one of the translations of the word Upanishad, are our Rituals. For even when one believes in discovering answers, these can not constitute absolute truths since they are transmitted by means of words, that is to say through tools that belong essentially to the domain of the relative. . Such an attitude must lead the Mason to a moral and social conception very different from that of other men.


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